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Why Mendoza + O'Brien

Value Proposition

Developing great leadership is the most critical talent issue facing organizations today. To compete, companies need to develop new leaders faster, deepen their bench strength, and prepare leaders to lead a global workforce. 

At the heart of a great leader is a great coach. Through our Coaching for Results and Cultural Intelligence programs, leaders will be able to build an engaged workforce leading to increased retention and business performance. These programs help leaders build trust and communicate in more meaningful ways to a workforce that is increasingly global, diverse and multi-generational.

Why choose us? Our facilitators are experienced business professionals and certified coaches. As former organizational leaders, they understand the complexities of leading teams and can help your leaders apply these skills to their unique situations. Mendoza + O'Brien is a boutique firm. We know that no two clients are alike. We provide the same quality training that large consulting firms provide, yet do so in a cost-conscious and flexible way. The time to lead is now.

Global . Leadership . Development | Mendoza + O'BrienGlobal . Leadership . Development | Mendoza + O'Brien

About Our Chief Learning Officer

Larry O’Brien is the founder and Chief Learning Officer at Mendoza+O’Brien, LLC. He is a sought after executive coach and leadership facilitator. He has over 20 years of experience working in various leadership roles where he has led global systems, process, and training implementations. As a coach, his mission is to help leaders become their personal best. Larry works with leaders who are in a transition such as taking on a new role, leading a new team or need to develop new skills to prepare them for the next level.

Given his global upbringing, education and experience, he specializes in helping leaders harness the full potential of their multi-cultural teams. He believes that cultural intelligence is a critical leadership skill which can be mastered.

Having lived in Argentina, Venezuela and the U.S., he is fluent in both English and Spanish. He has worked with leaders from: Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Ireland, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, United States.

Larry holds an undergraduate degree in Finance from The College of New Jersey, and a Master in Human Resources from the University of North Florida. He is a certified coach from the International Coach Federation.

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The Leadership Essentials Program

A recent study by the Conference Board found that only 14% of CEOs say they have the talent to execute the company strategy. Further, they found that organizations that extend development to below senior levels are 4.2 times more likely to financially outperform those that don’t. In other words, organizations NEED to start developing leaders earlier in their careers.

That's where The Leadership Essentials Program comes in. The Leadership Essentials Program provides new leaders to mid-career leaders the leadership skills they need to succeed. Participants who attend our programs report experiencing a significant increase in confidence and a greater ability to utilize the leadership skills they learned. For new leaders, this confidence comes at a time when they need it most. For mid-career leaders, we expand our focus to include skills such as strategy, team and organization alignment, and employee motivation.

Our programs can be delivered in person and via the web. Programs can be delivered in short modules over time or combined into a powerful leadership experience. For a list of topics included in the Leadership Essentials Program, check out our downloadable PDF.

The Coaching For Results Program

To remain competitive, companies need to retain valuable employees, address problems that interfere with productivity, and help employees achieve their full potential. But the traditional "command and control" method of managing employees has been shown to be less effective than involving them in their own development.

The Coaching For Results Program helps leaders increase employee levels of commitment and engagement. The program teaches leaders skills to handle problems that interfere with positive working relationships and employee productivity. The coaching skills make it easier for you to achieve your own goals and make you more valuable to your organization.

Case in point, a large Canadian bank trained its financial advisors on coaching skills in order to help them and their direct reports achieve high-performance goals. As a result of the training, both the leaders and the employees felt more confident in their ability to do their job and achieve results. This resulted in improved employee behavior, new and creative solutions, and overall better performance.

The Cultural Intelligence Program

With cultural and geographic boundaries blurring and work teams becoming more and more diverse, Cultural Intelligence skills are key to a team's success.

Many believe that diverse teams will result in greater innovation and performance. In reality, for diverse teams to outperform homogenous teams, they need inclusive environments that value and understand team members' backgrounds, cultures, customs, and norms. Without this cultural understanding, teams are subject to misunderstandings, conflict and poor performance.

Our Cultural Intelligence program will help you become aware of your own cultural norms, how that drives your behaviors, and how it impacts your perception of others with different backgrounds. In addition, participants learn the cultural norms of other countries, including aspects of communication, time, feedback style, leadership style, and more. Finally, participants will walk away with proven cultural intelligence skills that result in improved communication and team performance.

Leadership Videos

Your Leadership Brand

Mendoza + O'Brien Chief Learning Officer Larry O'Brien shares a story, a tip and a task to improve your leadership brand.

Creating A Coaching Culture

Mendoza + O'Brien Chief Learning Officer Larry O'Brien discusses how organizations can create a coaching culture at the Chief Learning Officer Symposium.

Leadership Coaching

A recent case study by the International Coach Federation found that when leaders use coaches, they are promoted to a greater extent compared to their peers, are more likely to stay with their company, and are perceived by their employees to be more effective leaders.

Why is coaching necessary? Simply put, the skills and behaviors that helped achieve your current level of success will not help you get to the next level. Our executive coaches help you unlock your potential so that you don’t plateau, but instead, reinvent yourself and reach new heights. Our coaching process is grounded in the belief you have what it takes within you to be great; you just have not figured out how to make greatness a habit. We provide executive coaching in the areas of:

  • Executive Presence

  • Cultural Intelligence

  • Change Management

  • Conflict Management

  • Leadership Transition

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Team Building

  • Translating Vision Into Action

Development Through Mindset

Traditional Programs


Adds Knowledge, Skills & Competencies

How We Do It

  • Intense Experiential Activities

  • Blended Learning - Over Time

  • Leader Involvement

  • Development As An Ongoing Process

Our Programs


Expands Thinking To Be More Complex, Collaborative & Strategic

Process / Philosophy

How We Work

Whether you are working one on one with an Executive Coach or attending a workshop, these are our keys to unlocking leadership potential:

Through Mindset

Traditional programs focus on skill-building, or adding tools to the toolbox. They assume that leaders will use the skill moving forward...

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The 3-Legged Stool:
Coach - Leader - Boss

Leaders develop when they are challenged and supported. All three legs of the stool have unique roles. The Coach is responsible for...

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70-20-10 Model
For Development

Traditional programs focus on skill-building, or adding tools to the toolbox. They assume that leaders will use the skill moving forward...

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What Participants Are Saying

"The facilitator was very engaging and knowledgeable. He offered professional insight which was very beneficial and we can implement immediately."
"This is a great session for all new managers/leaders as well as an excellent refresher for more experienced managers/leaders."
"This program was very informative and practical. It kept the team engaged. The facilitator was great!"
"I really enjoyed the course. The interactive portions were very valuable. It was an excellent opportunity to practice real-life coaching on the job."
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We Are International

Mendoza + O'Brien is headquartered in Charleston, SC. We have delivered our programs in North, Central, and South America as well as Europe. We coach leaders from a wide-array of cultures, backgrounds and locations.

Our programs are delivered in English and Spanish. Through our network, we have access to top facilitators and certified coaches around the globe.

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