Case Studies

Physicians are 2x more likely to experience burnout out than other careers in the US. Larry O’Brien from Mendoza+O’Brien joined forces with BluePoint Leadership Development, The Mayo Clinic and Stanford Medicine to explore the impact of professional coaching on physician burnout.

During the study, physicians met with their coaches 1x a month for a period of six months. Physicians reported measurable improvements in well-being, job satisfaction, resilience and fulfillment and a decrease in burnout. Specifically, the study results showed that physicians who received coaching experienced a decrease in emotional exhaustion by 19.5% and a decrease in symptoms of burnout by 17.1%. The control group experienced an increase in exhaustion and burnout by 9.8% and 4.9% respectively.

Contact Mendoza+O’Brien about how we can help your employees reduce burnout, therefore being more healthy and productive. Click here to see the abstract of the study in JAMA Internal Medicine.

When implementing a culture change, a global financial services company was experiencing issues with embedding the new behaviors in the middle management population. To accelerate the high-performance culture, we created a new leader development program. The program included assessments, workshops, webinars, group work and more. As a result of attending the program, 85% of the leaders felt more confident in their capacity as a leader, and 90% felt they were better prepared for this important role.

In order to develop and retain high potential talent we created a multi-day leadership program which included a business simulation, executive coaching and leadership involvement. Leaders learned and practiced coaching skills in a realistic work setting. Over 600 leaders attended this program, and it remains the highest rated program at the company. Program graduates have been promoted twice as fast as their peers.

An Insurance company in Buenos Aires was entering a new product market. We worked with the leadership team to identify talent requirements, talent gaps, and development plans in order to close the talent gap. The company is now one of the top providers of this product in Argentina.